Summer is here along with everyone’s favorite outdoor activity – cooking out. Follow these grilling safety tips to keep you and your guests safe at your next cookout.

Important Tips for Grilling Safety

Make Sure That Your Grill is Stable

Before grilling, make sure that the grill is set up on a stable, flat surface and that it cannot be tipped over. If you will be grilling on either a patio or deck, place a splatter mat or a grill pad underneath the grill to provide a more level surface and protect your decking.

For Grilling Safety, Never Leave the Grill Unattended

Even to step into the kitchen for a moment, never leave the grill unattended. Ask another adult to retrieve the things you need or have someone watch the grill while you step away. Do not let pets or children play near the grill. Anytime the grill is lit or if it’s still hot, do not move it. A hot grill will remain warm for about an hour after you extinguish the flames.

Be Prepared in the Event of a Fire

While cooking, flare-ups can cause an unexpected grease fire. Be alert and prepared anytime you’re using the grill. Keep baking soda nearby to help put out a small grease fire. Have a fire extinguisher handy in case flames start to grow out of control. For grilling safety, familiarize yourself with how to use a fire extinguisher.

Always Keep the Grill Clean

Clean your grill to reduce flare-ups from food and grease. Take the time to remove fat buildup and grease from the grill and the tray beneath it. If your grill uses charcoal, one of the most important grilling safety tips is to give the coals time to cool off completely before you dispose of them in a metal container.

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