Buying a newly constructed home often takes some stress out of searching for your dream house. However, many buyers make the mistake of thinking that they can skip a home inspection for new construction because there shouldn’t be problems like an old, leaky roof or a pest infestation. This can save a little time and money in the short term, but it may eventually lead to big problems.

Things to Know About Having a Home Inspection for New Construction

No matter how reputable your builder is, you always need to make sure you get a third-party home inspection for new construction. New does not mean perfect, so there could be issues that stem back to the original construction. Here are some important things for homeowners to know about getting a home inspection for new construction.

1. A Home Inspection Is Different Than A Code Inspection

Even if your new property is up to code, a code inspection doesn’t evaluate the same things as a third-party home inspection. A home inspector looks at many more structural and mechanical components than a required code inspection does. You will receive more details about the quality of the building with a new construction home inspection.

2. Having Someone Double Check Installations Is a Plus

Building a brand new home from the ground up is a complicated process. Important components of the home, like HVAC systems and other appliances, have specific directions that should be followed when they are installed. An inspector will double check these installations to make sure they were done properly.

3. Home Inspectors Have Time to Be More Thorough

You might be wondering why you need to bother with a second private home inspection for new construction when your local building official has already come by to check out the site. Government inspectors are expected to rush through several sites each day, so they are simply unable to pay the same amount of attention to a property that a third party inspector can.

4. There Is Always the Risk of Mistakes

Remember when a house is up to code it just means that it meets the minimum building standards. To catch any overlooked mistakes, you need someone to perform a detailed inspection of the house. Though rare, some inspectors report that they have discovered major wiring faults, plumbing issues, or incomplete insulation when looking at newly constructed homes. Hiring an inspector to conduct a home inspection for new construction will give you peace of mind about your home.

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