We use appliances every day to help us with household tasks. Most of us don’t think much about these devices until they don’t work as expected and we’re faced with purchasing an expensive new machine. Let’s take a good look at the average lifespans of home appliances so you’ll be better prepared when it’s time for a replacement.


A typical refrigerator will last approximately 13 years, though you may only get nine years out of a compact model. One thing to consider is that refrigerator technology is improving all the time. Manufacturers are always looking for ways to make refrigerators more space-efficient and energy-efficient. This means you might want to replace your current model earlier. You will save money on your energy bill with a more efficient model.

Lifespans of Home Appliances: Freezers

The average freezer lifespan is 11 years, but some models last up to 20 years. If you want to help your chest or upright freezer last longer, invest in one that defrosts via an automatic cycle. The other option is to manually defrost your freezer regularly. Keep your freezer’s frost level to a quarter-inch or less.


The average dishwasher will last about nine years. Based on the energy and time it saves, you probably don’t want to be without a dishwasher. The fact that it needs to be replaced sooner than later isn’t a bad thing; there are always more efficient models being released. Your water bill will see some savings with a new dishwasher.

The Lifespan of Your Cooking Range

Electric ranges typically last up to 13 years. On the other hand, gas ranges last a little longer at about 15 years before needing replacement. The range hood lifespan comes in between both ranges at about 14 years.


A household microwave will last from five to 10 years. You can extend the lifespan of the microwave by keeping it clean. Food and liquids left inside absorb energy and can cause burned spots. When cooking, only use microwave-safe dishware.

Garbage Disposals & Trash Compactors

Most trash compactors work effectively for about six years. Garbage disposals last a lot longer. Your average garbage disposal should continue working for 12 years.

Furnaces Have One of the Longest Lifespans of Home Appliances

Typically, furnaces have a lifespan of between 15 and 20 years, depending on the model and type of fuel used. Gas furnaces last around 18 years. Electric furnaces have lifespans of approximately 15 years. Oil furnaces should perform well for about 20 years. Maintaining your furnace properly will help it last longer.

Washing Machines

The average washing machine will clean your clothes for about a decade. Increase your washer’s lifespan by using it only when you have a full load. This reduces wear and tear on the machine and saves energy and water. Maintain your washing machine by cleaning the filter or trap and replacing hoses when needed.

 Lifespans of Home Appliances: Dryers

Your dryer should last about 13 years. This is true whether you have a gas-powered dryer or it runs on electricity. Clean the lint trap after each load to help it run more efficiently.

By knowing the average lifespans of major home appliances, you’ll be able to budget ahead of time for the next replacement.

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