Humidity refers to the amount of moisture in the air. High humidity makes it uncomfortable outdoors, and the same goes for inside a house. Moisture enters the home from outside and is also generated from indoor activities like cooking, cleaning, and bathing. Take these steps to reduce humidity in the home.

Why You Need to Reduce Humidity in the Home

When the humidity level in your home is high, you feel sticky or clammy, the air may smell musty, and mold and mildew grow more easily. Pest infestations are also more likely. If you want to reduce humidity in the home, try these easy methods.

1. Turn on the HVAC System to Reduce Humidity

The fastest way to see a significant improvement in indoor humidity levels is to turn on the HVAC system. While many people assume that the HVAC system only controls temperature levels, it also ventilates the air within the home. Even when the temperature outdoors is reasonable, you can run the HVAC fan to maintain a comfortable humidity level.

2. Keep Windows and Doors Closed

Many of us are inclined to open doors and windows when the sun is shining and the temperature is mild. However, the outdoor humidity level can affect indoor humidity. Rather than open the doors and windows to enjoy nice weather, spend time on your patio or working in the garden. Keeping your home’s doors and windows closed is essential to maintaining a comfortable indoor humidity level.

3. Use Ventilation Fans

Cooking, cleaning, and bathing generate moisture that increases humidity in the home. Kitchens and bathrooms are usually outfitted with ventilation fans, but these features don’t always get used. To reduce humidity in the home, turn on the ventilation fans during activities that create heat and moisture.

4. Install a Dehumidification System

A whole-home dehumidification system provides you with an effective way to remove moisture from the air and to maintain humidity indoors at a comfortable level without having to rely heavily on the HVAC system. If a whole-home system isn’t an option, use smaller portable dehumidifiers in your living spaces as needed.

Because moisture both enters the home from outdoors and comes from indoor activities, you may need to take multiple steps to reduce humidity in the home. Use a combination of these efforts to keep humidity levels low indoors.

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