Moving is stressful even under the best of circumstances, so it’s important to plan ahead. Get started organizing and packing early to be certain you have plenty of time. Here are our six best tips for moving homes like a pro.

Creating a Timeline is One of the Best Tips for Moving Homes

Get the most out of our best tips for moving homes by creating a timeline from the target date and working your way backward. This will help you remember everything you need to do leading up to moving day.

1. Lighten Your Load

Moving is a perfect opportunity to clear out the clutter in your home. Don’t waste space and energy moving something you no longer need or use. Go through each room and sort items to sell, donate, or toss out.

2. Tips for Moving Homes Include Gathering Supplies

Ask your local grocery or liquor stores for boxes. Find other moving supplies at a hardware store or shipping center. Here’s a handy shopping list to start you off:

  • sturdy, medium-size packing boxes
  • packing tape
  • bubble wrap
  • thick permanent markers
  • cardboard dividers for glassware

3. Box it Up

Packing may seem overwhelming, but it’s more manageable when you do it one room at a time. Use medium-sized boxes and pack them full to prevent items from shifting during the move. Separate heavier items to keep boxes at a manageable weight. One of our tips for moving homes includes making an inventory list that is color-coded by room. At your new home, unload each box, check it off your inventory list, and deliver it to the appropriate room. Don’t forget to summarize the contents. For example, Kitchen: Box 1: cookware.

4. Have a Suitcase of Essentials

Of these tips for moving homes, this may be the most helpful. Pack a suitcase with essentials that you’ll need immediately, like toilet paper, toiletries, snacks, and device chargers. Keep this bag accessible so you can easily access important items during the moving process.

5.Tips for Moving Homes When You Need a Rest: Change Your Address

Somewhere in the middle of packing, your body will need a break. Take time off from physical labor and continue preparing for your move. Notifying places of your change of address and transferring services are important tasks to remember. Start here:

  • Change your address for the post office, magazine subscriptions, credit cards, and cell carrier.
  • Let your insurance companies know.
  • Schedule shut-off/transfer of utility services.

6. Schedule Your Truck and/or Movers

Ask friends for referrals and check references to choose a moving company. Decide what size truck you will need based on how far away your new home is and how much stuff you have to move. If you decide to rent a truck, ask friends and family to help you on moving day. Sometimes hiring movers pays for itself if it means preventing injury or damage to your belongings.

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